808nm Lasers

808nm Frequency Stabilized Laser- Laser808-5HF/5HS

The 808nm frequency stabilized laser is widely used in biological analysis, medical instruments, material testing, Fluorescence excitation, architecture and other fields.
  • Features
  • Laser output with narrow line width, stable spectrum and stable power
  • Flexible application; with adjustable power, customers can operate on various kinds of samples
  • Integration for laboratory research and application
  • Specifications
    Models Laser808-5HF Laser808-5HS
    Dimensions 300×200×62mm
    Weight 1.2kg
    Output power 50-3000mW (adjustable)
    Power stability <3%RMS(2hrs)
    Connector FC SMA905
    Lifetime 5,000hrs
    Dark noise 1% RMS
    Supply voltage 12V/2A
    Peak wavelength 808nm±5nm
    Fiber option 105 μm/0.22 N.A
    Line width <2.0nm
    Operating temperature 0-40
    Humidity 5%-80%
  • Stability test


  • Applications
  • Biological analysis
  • Medical instruments
  • Material testing
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Architecture