808nm Fluorescence Probes

808nm Fluorescence Probe

FPB-808 is a fiber optic fluorescence probe for laser induced fluorescence series (LIFS 808).
  • Features

  • Fluorescence spectrum range: 850-1100nm
  • Filter cutoff depth: OD5
  • High sensitivity: the detection sensitivity is 100 times higher than traditional 90 degrees fluorescence measurement method
  • Dimensional Outline

  • Specifications

1. Standard Probe
Model Laser wavelength (nm) Spectrum range (nm)
FPB-808-1.5-FS 808 850-1100
Main part: 102mm×30mm×13mm

Length of probe: 45mm

Length of optical fiber: 115cm±2cm (combined part) / 30cm±2cm (separated part)
Laser connector FC/PC
Spectrometer connector SMA905
Probe working distance 7.5mm±1mm
Fiber core

Excitation fiber is 105um

Collection fiber is 200um
The armor size of the combined parts Φ8.5mm Metal sleeve,Black PVC outer

Max tension

(8.5mm guard tube)
Operating temperature Probe-20℃~80
Humidity 5%-80%


2. Customized Probe
Type Probe with trigger function Right angle probe Probe (no tail fiber design)
Model FPB-808-1.5T-XX FPB-808-1.5L -XX FPB-808-N-XX
Laser connector FC/PC (customizable)
Spectrometer connector SMA905 (customizable)
Probe working distance 7.5mm (customizable)
About model coding:

Raman probe (RPB)

Fluorescence probe (FPB)


Laser wavelength


Fiber length

(+L means right angle probe)

(+T means setting the trigger mode)


Types of laser & spectrometer connectors

(FC/PC, SMA905…)

For example: RPB-266-1.5L-FS

RPB: Raman probe

266: Laser wavelength

1.5: Fiber length (1.5m)

L: Right-angle surface probe

F: FC (laser connector)

S: SMA905 (spectrometer connector)

  • Applications

  • Drug testing
  • Biomedical
  • Chemical monitoring
  • Gemstone testing and identification